Don't let this pandemic stop your cravings

Explore the future of the Restaurant Industry with Contactless Dining by Virgo. Your favourite restaurants now function with safety.

About us

Virgo is a startup that aims to empower businesses with contactless dining and promote contactless functioning for people. Therefore we have come up with a product that has been tested to be : 

100% Safe from foreign touch

100% virtual

100% consumer friendly

We make your dining experience a bit more safe. With our uniquely designed QR code format, your dining experience has just become contactless.

"Get ahead of this crisis with your own Online Ordering System"



We have added a functionality to that camera of yours. Just open it and Scan The QR Code to Virgo!



With All the Menus of the world in your Palm. Experience the power of technology in your 5 Inch screen. Order Today!


Digital Payments are here, just for your convenience. You wont have to touch those nasty bills ever again!

With Virgo,your dining process has just become more efficient

Services for Customers

Your next Contactless Dining Adventure is on us

Every drop and every crumb. Get suggestions and recommendations for places and specific menu items that suits what you love to eat or drink.

Contactless Dining

No more crying over food you did not order

Bunny said, “When you order with Virgo, no one can get your order wrong”.

Contactless Dining

No more wave-y hand

No weird gestures to get some waiter to notice you. With Virgo’s Contactless Dining, Just hold your seat, Scan the QR code, Pick your favourite food add to the plate and order away.


Contactless Dining

Tired of waiting for the bill/cheque to come to the table

With Virgo how about holding your seat, eating your food and paying your bill on the table itself in a snap.

Contactless Dining

virgo tells you what your customers want next

Services for venues

Help customers feel safe during COVID-19

Virgo eliminates unnecessary touch points during dining. Now customers can dine in safely as they seamlessly order through phone.


Speed up table

No more lining up to pay, give customers choices to split bills and accommodate surges in guest numbers with Contactless Dining. Virgo does all the dirty work here.

Contactless Dining

Manage things with few waiter staff

Customers can order what they need by themselves. Now, with Contactless Dining your waiters can manage more tables and have time to focus on atmosphere and customer experience.

Contactless Dining

Keep'em coming back for more

Great your customer with amazing rewards, voucher and loyalty points to keep them hooked. This increases your chances of returning loyal customers.

Contactless Dining

We believe in collaboration, not competition.

Virgo Connects Emotions

We believe that time is precious. While striving to create beautiful technology that helps you save time and make ordering, easy, both sides of the counter. Order from Virgo to get access to the best selection of local cafes, restaurants and stores.

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We vow that our customer service is the best you would witness! Looking forward to hearing from you!

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